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Remapping Caps Lock to Ctrl in OS X

As a command line junky and a Vim user, this is something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time. I mean, who actually uses Caps lock anyway? Every time I’ve had a look, the process has appeared to involve installation of third party software and in general seemed like too much effort. It turns out, if you only want to remap meta-keys (caps lock, alt, ctrl and command) you can do that easily through the OSX System Preferences.

In “Apple Menu” (Top Left), “System Preferences”, “Keyboard”. On the “Keyboard” Tab (not “Keyboard Shortcuts”), there is a “Modifier Keys” button, which opens a dialog and provides a simple interface to remap (or disable) your modifier keys.

I wish I’d realised sooner that it was so simple, now to re-train my hands and free that poor little finger from its curled up hell.