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Telecommute Experience (Part 1)

I’ve just started telecommuting, and not wanting to take it slowly, I’ve jumped straight into an international arrangement; living in Canada and working in Brisbane, Australia. This is my story…

After almost 3 years with my current employer, I decided I needed to get out of the office. Not that there is anything particularly wrong with the office, it’s just not the most exciting environment and I was getting pretty over it.

It just so happened that a number of my friends were in a similar situation, and a plan was hatched to move ourselves to Canada for 6 months. Once an approximate timetable was established, we approached our respective employers. After explaining the plan to make the move and maintain our current employment, for the most part we met little resistance; this was a little surprising to me.

So the approximate plans were filled with some more details, and off we went.

To Be Continued…