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Sixty Second Tech

Sixty Second Tech is a (relatively) new podcast by prominent Zender Cal Evans that promises to be the “Cure to BSS”

Sixty Second Tech is the only known cure for “Blank Stare Syndrome” (BSS). BSS happens when one of your technical friends starts talking to you and unconsciously slips into geek speak. They don’t realize they’ve triggered BSS until long after your eyes glaze over. BSS is an embarrassing condition but a curable one, just spend one minute a week listening to Sixty Second Tech.

While I am definitely on the side of the “technical friends”, the short podcasts — almost exactly 1 minute each, quite impressive — are a great way to provoke thought about aspects of technology that may not otherwise have been brought to the fore, but probably should be; such as Wordpress as a CMS, OpenID and Google Alerts But, my favourite is pointing anyone who speaks to me about “SEO” to the episode “Go Relevant or Go Home!”; which sums up very succinctly the folly of the whole practice.

His name is Cal Evans, and he is my sixty second tech.